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Rhubarb Sources

Rhubarb can be found in many local home and garden centers, or can be purchased mail order. Listed here are a few of the mail order sources of rhubarb.

  I know that this table is way out of date. Some of these companies no longer sell rhubarb and there some new suppliers that I need to add. I will be fixing this sometime in the future. 

Sources of Rhubarb

Company Rhizomes Seeds Plants Ornamental

Burpee Seed
300 Park Ave
Warminster, PA 18991-001


Daydreamer Gardens
Several ornamental rhubarbs.


Edible landscaping
Seed grown, potted Victoria rhubarb (sells lots of other stuff too!)


Garden Escape


Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co
110 Capital Street
Yankton, South Dakota  57079
605-665-1930 (orders),


Henry Fields Seed and Nursery Co.
415 North Burnett
Shenandoah, Iowa  51602
1-605-665-4491 (customer service)


All sort sorts of ornamental rhubarbs, like: Rheum 'Ace of hearts', Rheum acuminatum, Rheum alexandrae, Rheum kialense, Rheum palmatum.


Johnny's Selected Seeds
Seeds for  Chinese Rhubarb: Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum.


Lonestar Seed
P. O. Box 831553
San Antonio, Texas 78283


Mellingers Inc
2310 W. South Range Rd
North Lima, OH  44452-9731

Nourse Farms
41 River Road
South Deerfield, MA 01373
(413) 665-2658

Nursery Supply Company
Canada Red Rhubarb available on line.


Park Seed
Cokesbury Rd
Greenwood, SC  29647-0001


Pense Nursery
16518 Marie Lane
Mountainburg, AR 72946


St. Lawrence Nurseries
(strange, but no snail mail address listed on the website)


Seeds for several varieties such as: Glaskin's Perpetual, Holstein Bloodred, Large Victoria, Prince Albert, Redstick, Strawberry, and Victoria



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